Partnership with Shrink Mama

The Almal Foundation has recently established a partnership agreement with Shrink MamaTM . This partnership seeks to increase access to crucial mental health support for the many young South Africans who cannot afford such, through an innovative approach and programmes.

The Shrink Mama brand is the brainchild of Counselling Psychologist, Reabetsoe Buys, and is a suite of products designed by her for young children and teenagers.

July being the month when we observe issues relating to mental health, the conclusion of this working relationship could not have come at a better time. One of the products in the Shrink Mama suite include the Emotional Intelligence Toolkit ® which is a remarkably resourceful kit for parents and teachers. It is our intention to make access to this resource more widely available through crowd-sourcing and partnering with companies and schools across the country.

Ms. Buys will contribute articles which will be available on our website, relating to various topics around mental health. In addition to this, she will form part of our outreach events around the theme of health and mental health in particular.

We encourage everyone to visit the Shrink Mama website, and if you would like to contribute to the distribution of these kits, you can get in touch with us or make a donation below.


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