This resource is made available through our Access Programme, which seeks to make access to educational and healthcare resources for a broader community to reduce inequality. This resource consists of learning material, sourced from the eNatis website (a public transport department platform), and other sources to provide users with a variety of resources to study and pass their learner's license test. South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, and among the reasons why youth cannot find jobs is because of a shortage  of skills and experience. Many miss out on opportunities because they do not have a driving license. The more driver-training is accessible, the more opportunities exist for youth to attain their licenses and expand their employability prospects.

K53 Traffic Signs & Rules of the Road  - Part A

K53 Practical Test - Light Motor Vehicles - Part A | Part B | Part C | Part D

K53 Practical Test - Heavy Motor Vehicles - Part A | Part B

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