About our club

Bophelo Wellness Club is our wellness programme created to promote healthy lifestyles and fun-filled, family-oriented wellness activities for the youth. In Sesotho “bophelo” also means well-being.

The club represents members nationally, with localized chapters which anyone can join. The purpose is to encourage members to collectively participate in and promote healthy living, by adopting a wellness regiment as part of one’s lifestyle.

Living a healthy life does not have to be an expensive task, and we want to encourage more people to adopt our club as they own and grow the members of the club.

Joining the club gives you access to running partners, cycling teams, hiking pals and may other club benefits. We’re constantly working to add more benefits to the club by partnering with gyms and other wellness industry organizations to bring you a great wellness experience and product discounts.

As a nonprofit organization, we work towards reducing inequalities in society, inequalities which are created by socio-economic conditions that bar entry for most people; things such as high membership fees, lack of equipment.

Running & Aerobics

Running clubs are large groups of people brought together by a common interest  to reach their wellness goals, organize social activities and park-run events that are a fun and  exciting shift from the frustrations of daily living. 


The cycling team participates in city tours and mountain biking challenges. Members get to train together and setup competitions and exercise dates. Members get to learn more about cycling and challenge each other either on the mountain terrain or the slick city streets!


Be a part of a series of nature tours organized by the hiking team. This is a great way to keep in shape, explore our biodiversity and beautiful natural landscapes and have a fun experience outdoors with a fun group of people.


How many clubs and sporting codes are there?
We try to embrace a diverse group of sporting codes including runners (cross-country), mountain climbing (hiking), soccer, cycling and tennis. Any person can register a chapter of the club in their area, as long as they fulfill the requirements as constituted by the club.

A running club in my area?
Anyone can start a chapter of the club, as long as they conform to the following rules:

  • 3 minimum members
  • run location
  • age bracket 10-35 years old

Membership options

  • Basic (free, annual renewal)