However difficult the world may be, it’s even harder for young women. So we’ve dedicated a fund for initiatives that assist young women; in a variety of sectors including education and economic inclusion, among others. Through this fund we’re working to impact the lives of over 10 000 young women in 2020.

The Fund is supported through various initiatives and partnerships with organization’s who support the purpose of the Fund. Organizations and individuals can participate in the Fund by donating, volunteering or supporting events of our organization by getting in touch with us via email.

Our Programmes

The Khulisa Initiative seeks to empower school-going learners between the ages of 15 to 18, with leadership skills and access to further learning and training opportuities that will advance their careers. It is of particular importance to us that we empower women at an early age and ensure that they receive equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

As a nation committed to realising the Sustainable Development Goals, we’re working to ensure that our organization supports the objectives of the goals, and in particular, Goal 5. This requires active participation from all of society, including you. Learn about our initiatives, and how you can get involved.

In 2017, approximately 17% of girls aged 12–19 years who were not attending an educational institution reported to have fallen pregnant in the 12 months prior to the survey. KwaZulu-Natal had the highest proportion, followed by Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

Career and Skills

Through various interventions, we address skills shortage issues and assist women define their career objectives and access resources that help them grow their skills. Gender parity in the job market is essential and our work is to ensure that women, particularly from disadvantaged communities, have an equitable share of opportunities.


Developing leadership skills for young girls is essential to ensuring they participate equitably in the world we are recreating. Our effort is to focus specifically on young girls and equipping them with leadership skills by exposing them to new opportunities.

Reproductive Health & Rights

The first thousand days of life are the most essential for optimal development of newborns, and this period begins on the day of conception. It is therefore important to educate expecting parents and those of newborns about reproductive health and that of infants. One of the world’s greatest challenges is ensuring the health and welfare of children under the age of five, you can learn more about this here.

Creating Work Opportunities

Rural women have phenomenal capacity to use their hands, whether it is harvesting or crafting, they create exportable goods that can support their livelihoods and we work with them to establish markets and opportunities for them to trade.