Support with dignity

The purpose of the platform is to support people in need, but to do it in a manner that maintains and respects their dignity. As a principle we do not support the idea of hand outs as they tend to be temporary solutions to often times recurring challenges, but we do recognize the importance of providing a helping hand where needed and that sometimes what someone might need is just a leg up. That being said, we have developed a protocol to ensure that the support we facilitate is effective and meaningful, and where possible we take it a step further to make it sustainable.

We want the platform to be a solution for people who need help and those that want to help to find each other and ensure that their relationship is dignified.

How the programmes works

How do you directly address poverty? What is extreme poverty? How will you know that we have made strides in addressing the issue of poverty?

In Southern Africa, the proportion of people living in extreme poverty (defined as those living on less than US $1.90 per day or less than R993 per month), is set to rise to 130 million people. Sustained population growth and modest economic growth in the midst of pervasive inequality mean that the region has seen and will continue to see diverging poverty trends (a drop in relative poverty and a rise in absolute poverty). Southern Africa accounts for 9% of extreme poverty globally, even though it only accounts for about 2.5% of the world population.

Communities who live in poverty are continuously at risk of being driven to worse conditions, as they are constantly vulnerable. This is further threatened by climate change; particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, economic conditions globally and in the region and political instability.

It is increasingly important then to raise awareness of the people and places where need exists, and to encourage people, corporations, businesses, governments and any other stakeholders with the capacity, to help and to help in a manner that is sustainable and effective. Our platform is a credible tool to help those who want to help, find those who need help. We ensure the credibility of requests and can guarantee that your investment is utilized correctly and effectively.

The programme is a humanitarian relief and wish-list granting platform designed to share stories of people in need and connect them with persons and organizations who can assist them. Users need only register to start contributing and or sharing their stories in pursuit of support.

Our organization undertakes the administration and verification of requests made, ensuring that donors participate in legal and honest requests. Further to that, working through us, donors receive tax deductible certificates for donations above R1 000.00 in value.

Making smiles with small business

Small businesses are at the heart of society because small businesses are found in every community.

They create the highest number of jobs, and when locals are in need, that is their first port of call. Small businesses tend to experience higher walk-in requests and they tend to participate informally in aid activity.

We believe that we can improve the role of small businesses in humanitarian aid and our partnership allows them to give back to the community in a structured and scalable method. We ensure that all vetting of beneficiaries is done, and also assist businesses support causes that are close to their hearts.

We have created tools to help small businesses make the most of their social investments. We process requests made to our partners in accordance with guidelines they have established and ensure that the right people get the investment they need. Some of our retail partners also accept collections of foodstuff and clothing donations on our behalf at their premises, a full list is available on request.

Making smiles with corporates

Corporates are also an integral part of the social fabric of any country. Where they operate they are integrated into the community and its needs, and we develop strategies with corporates that respond to the needs of particular communities – as it relates to gender equality, poverty reduction and addressing injustice particularly for the youth.

Corporations can also identify requests they wish to invest in and receive the critical data they need to formally process applications.

Corporations are also encouraged to participate in employee volunteering and fundraising activities as this also has great impact because of the large staff numbers that corporates have in a concentrated space.

Making smiles with individuals

Any person can decide to get involved in a number of ways, firstly by identifying a request they wish to invest in and then learning how they can best support that particular cause, by donating or volunteering.

Should you be reading this and going through the causes and want to learn more about how you can help, you can also get in touch with us to find out how to best help.

This platform isn’t only designed for employed individuals who have disposable incomes, but also for young people and graduates who may currently be unemployed. Contributions to social projects can be done in a variety of ways.

One can volunteer their skills by teaching a class, helping repair a building or tools or even providing administrative services to our organization. Anyone can be an active citizen, and it only takes you knowing what it is you want to do in society.

Individuals interested in participating in our wish-list programme, should use the form below to register their particulars. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about how you can become a part of our family and make a contribution. If you cannot see the form on the right or below, please use this button to register for the programme.