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Thank you for visiting our website. You have the opportunity to impact the lives of individuals and families across the country. It’s through your generosity that we can create meaningful change. We encourage you to look at the many different ways you can make a contribution, and find one you find most impactful. Below are a number of options that detail how you can contribute to our organization or specific programmes or campaigns.

| Volunteer

There are a number of volunteering opportunities you can participate in. We have different volunteer programmes that we hold throughout the year, as part of our different programmes. Signup and advise us on which activities and areas of interest you prefer to volunteer your time towards and we will be in touch soon to arrange your activities.



| Give

You can always donate to our organization where you can decide if the donation is a general donation or is towards a specific programme. Donations can be made by private persons or companies, either by bank deposit or using the methods listed in the table below.

Bank details

Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62730505180
Holder: Almal Foundation NPC
Branch Code: 250-655
Account Type: Cheque
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Please e-mail proof to

card payment

We accept online donations in three ways. You can visit our PayFast page which offers a secure platform to make card payments. Follow this link to the page. 

PayFast Link

Or you can send a payment request e-mail using this linkThe third option is the Paypal method.


Local and international donors can always use the Paypal option to make payments by following the link below.


Paypal Donate ButtonPaypal offers a secure international payment gateway for donors who wish to give to the foundation or specific programmes.


We encourage anyone who shares our passion for youth development to help us raise funds by finding creative ways of bringing awareness to our programmes. Examples include participating in a marathon, sharing on social media, hosting a fundraising drive at work, and many more. Visit our Make a Soul Smile page to make a campaign request or request support. Alternatively, e-mail us with details of the assistance you need.

Here are a few ideas of fundraising activities and you can partner with us to raise funds for youth projects:


A 5-10km marathon or park run is a great way to generate publicity to a particular cause and raise funds. We have a wellness club with a growing membership that can participate.

Peer-to-peer challenge

Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to support a project you are interested in. This is a good way to raise funds quickly and can be done with ease and efficiency.

Social Media Challenge

Make a video or image bringing attention to a particular issue, then share it across your social platforms and ask you followers to share and participate.

Support #DayOfGoodwill

Make a commitment to participate in a day of goodwill activity, where you volunteer or do something good for those in need. South Africa observes the Day of Goodwill on 26 December.


If you have a particular strength in teaching or a subject such as Maths or Sciencee, consider volunteering as a tutor at a nearby school or online.

Host a fundraiser

If you own a business or can offer a space like a coffee shop, etc. you can host a fundraiser which your patrons can be encouraged to participate in.

Online Giving Days

Similar to Black Friday, giving days such as Giving Tuesday are created to promote the idea of giving to causes close to your heart and raising awareness about them.

Donate old items

You can also donate old items like clothes, computer devices, books, etc., which are still in a good or working condition to support those who need them most.

Augmented Education

Augmented Education

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Visit the Augmented Education page to learn more about how we work with school governing bodies to improve the school and support the school’s needs. We believe the most sustainable way to support schools is to empower the people charged with managing the schools.

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Chess Match Initiative

Tshepang’s Chess Match Initiative

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Tshepang is one of our country’s finest chess champions. Since the age of three she has been playing chess and has achieved international colours, including Woman International Master. Tshepang has big ambitions and wants to become a Grandmaster. Let’s help Tshepang raise funds to compete in her international campaigns in 2019.

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Make a Soul Smile

Give to Us

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Our volunteers with members of the exectuive team at the KZN Benefit Concert in 2017, Newtown

We run a number of programmes and initiatives, which requires a great deal of funding from both public and private sector entities. As a part of society we also ask that anyone who can, donate to our organization so we can do more.

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Download the Good Book

We designed the Good Book to help anyone who wishes to run an outreach campaign or community development project, and it gives readers a range of ideas which are grouped by category which we can help you or your organization implement.

The Good Book is an evolving document which we will update from time to time to make it more exhaustive and relevant. There are a million ways to make our society better, we want to help you pick the one that most resonates with your goals and target beneficiaries.

Click on the image, complete the form and you will be able to download the book!

Young women preparedness banner

Working on Women

This initiative aims to empower women through workshop interventions where young women participate in skills training, and preparation for the workplace. This initiative is designed not only for unemployed young women, but those in employment as well. Everyday we ask each other how to achieve gender parity in the workplace, as well as improve skills and access to economic opportunities for women. While we collectively work on developing reforms and policies that can radically shift these statistics politically and in corporate entities, we’re also ensuring we work on the ground to empower young women with the skills and confidence-building interventions that will allow them to exploit these opportunities.

You can help us grow this campaign’s impact and reach, by participating in the online platform which is shared via our social media platforms or workshop events, held from time to time. There are also wonderful prizes to be won, so check out our social media pages and follow us to stay tuned. Go to Working on Women page for more.