Recovery of Twitter page

Please note that late in 2018, our Twitter account @almalfoundation, was suspended by Twitter due to an error that led the platform to believe it was a page managed by an underage user.

This led to an unfortunate closure of the account which we have worked tirelessly to revoke. It is important for us to make mention of the upliftment of the suspension because Twitter, much like our other social media platforms, plays a crucial part of delivering our message and reaching a larger community.

We also wish to apologize to our friends and followers on the platform who have experienced radio-silence, the suspension came at a time when we were implementing a stronger social media campaign. It is also important to ensure that we maintain the trust of all we interact with and reassure you that we have managed this situation with professionalism and tried to minimize the impact. Trust, particularly for an organization such as ours which relies largely on public trust and accountability, is very important to us and we take these recent events with great concern going forward.

Our temporary account, @almal_official, which has itself garnered a loyal following will be phased out over time, however, we will continue to possess the account and may rely on it in future. Reduced monitoring of the account will occur over a yet-to-be-disclosed period of time. We encourage all our followers to revert back to the official account: @almalfoundation to receive the most accurate and latest updates from us.


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