Our Programmes

We are committed to reducing poverty, inequality and injustice through our various programmes and initiatives that are designed specifically for the youth, as our core belief is that investment in the youth is an investment in the future and ultimately the most important investment.


The programmes we have designed conform to the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals, and our mission is to address these issues in a manner that takes cognizance of the situation of the region and the heritage and culture of the communities wherein we work.

They are developed to complement and empower already existing public policies and initiatives, and while we are not a faith-based nor political organization, we regard such organizations as strategic and important stakeholders in carrying forward our objectives and reaching vast communities. As our motto states, sisonke sibambisene (together in partnership).

South Africa, in particular, is an extremely unequal society, we work with partners to address systemic inequalities whose effects are felt mostly in rural and peri-urban communities.

Only through progressive and empowering partnerships can we deliver on the promise to eradicate poverty, inequality and injustice. This means we must work alongside public and private sector partners but also work extensively with the public, we therefore encourage active citizenry from the youth. It is possible to go further and do more, working in unity: Sisonke Sibambisene.

Access Programme

The access initiative was developed to support education and healthcare in rural and peri-urban communities. Rural development requires multi-stakeholder involvement, wherein communities are empowered to develop and maintain infrastructure that has been installed in the community. Examples of this in education are the Augmented Education initiative which educates school governing bodies on governance and management of public schools.

It is only through empowering communities that social investments can become sustainable.

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Bophelo Wellness Programme

Bophelo Wellness Club is a lifestyle programme that promotes healthy living and fun-filled, family-oriented wellness activities. The objective of the club is to become a social club of young people who participate and want to learn more about living healthy.

Living a healthy life does not have to be an expensive task, and we  encourage young people to adopt better eating and exercise patterns. Any person can join the club in any part of the country, and encourage friends to also join and grow the network.

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Make a Soul Smile Programme

The purpose of the platform is to support people in need, but to do it in a manner that maintains and respects their dignity. As a principle we do not support the idea of hand outs as they tend to be temporary solutions to often times recurring challenges, but we do recognize the importance of providing a helping hand where needed and that sometimes what someone might need is just a leg up.

That being said, we have developed a protocol to ensure that the support we facilitate is effective and meaningful, and where possible we take it a step further to make it sustainable.

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Khulisa Programme

The Khulisa programme was developed to address issues of inequality and injustice in the area of education. It responds to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all (SDG 4); and the National Development Plan’s Chapter 9 which focuses on improving education, training and innovation.

The programme encompasses a variety of initiatives meant to empower young people, in particular the girl-child.

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Urban Recyclers Dignity Programme

Waste offers a great opportunity for any person to earn a living. Waste falls into the green economy category, which is an exciting industry that is growing rapidly every year.

Our programme creates economic opportunities for unemployed and unskilled persons to participate in the green economy in a manner that is dignified, safe and full of potential for growth. Working to ensure waste collectors are afforded the same labour rights  that formalized employees have.

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Water is Life

Water is a shared resource, it is important that we all use this resource wisely. In sub-Saharan Africa, access to safe drinking water is largely scarce in rural communities..

Our programme seeks to equip unemployed youth in rural and peri-urban communities with the skills to perform domestic repairs to plumbing infrastructure to reduce the amount of water that is wasted through leaks and equipment failure.

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