First issue Editor’s Note

Khulisa Magazine is one of the most awesome projects we have worked on at Almal Foundation. I am very excited to be producing the very first issue.

Being that the magazine is launched on Women’s Month, it was imperative that this issue resonate with the current mood of society when it comes to the issues close to the hearts of women, like myself.

Lately, a number of discussions around feminism and what it means have been debated amongst various forums and social network discussion boards. Whilst the answer tends to be different for different people, we have tried to gather as many different voices and stories about different women in different parts of society.

I believe we can all learn from each other and work towards a society that does not see the liberation of women as a threat to it but rather as a boon that can help liberate society from its social ills.

The purpose of this magazine is to showcase the actions of small organizations such as ours, and the impact that these initiatives have in society. We want our readers to see the value of supporting non-profit organizations and to feel like they are a part of us by staying in touch through this publication.

The most humbling of activities was the opportunity to engage with Mayor Mkhulisi, a powerhouse with strong leadership credentials. We had the honour of sitting down with Her Excellency and learning more about her and what she understands Women’s month to mean.

Readers can look forward to her interview and plenty of other useful articles from other impressive young ladies in our society.

Future editions will be published by guest-editors, as part of the magazines purpose of empowering young leaders with experiential learning opportunities. See you soon!

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