Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. —Vera Nazarian

The Cosi-Cosi Bookclub initiative is a special programme for our organization, which encourages more and more young people to read and make reading a part of their lifestyle.

Reading is an ever-important feature of a progressive lifestyle because it allows one to become a more enlightened and creative version of themselves, and also opens one up to new experiences and information. You can travel the entire Earth and galaxies by merely sitting at home and reading.

The Book Club

Joining the Cosi-Cosi book club is as simple as signing up on the form below. Our club is a national collective of readers, who share their reading experiences through our social media platforms and at our events, held from time to time in different cities across the country.

Membership to the club is free and unlimited, you can participate in any of the club events or meetups across the country. The objective is to encourage more young people to read and share their experiences.

Participation in the club requires that members read at least one book a month and write a review of the book and submit it to us by e-mail or on our Facebook group Cosi-Cosi Book Club


Lists of events are published on our social media profiles and here on the website, and will be shared to our registered members from time to time.

More than reading

As a non-profit organization, we are aware of the inequalities here in South Africa, and in promoting a reading nation, we encourage any members that wish to donate books or donate towards library programmes can enquire about how to do so with our office or on our social media pages.

Our vision is to see an increase in reading and readers, particularly among the 7 to 30 age group.

Administer a club

We encourage anyone interested to join a book club in their area, and if none exists to become an administrator in their area. This means you will promote the club through word-of-mouth and social media sharing, and encourage friends, colleagues and others to join in. 

We engage with our administrators from time-to-time to update them on events in their area and plan events for their club.

A club requires at least 5 members to be added as a chapter of the national club and we work with administrators to reach, grow and administer their clubs.


There are no fees to join or administer a club. Equally, this is a social initiative to encourage reading and not an employment offer, club administrators are not compensated for administering a club. Members who wish to raise funds for buying books for libraries and disadvantaged communities, they can get in touch with us to learn about how to do so.