Country Crossers

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

What you need to know:

There are various benefits to joining a running club that might make you more motivated and excited about running than you ever expected.

Run more regularly: When meeting up with other runners, you can be encouraged to run more regularly and less inclined to skip an early morning road run. You will be motivated and it helps to know that you have fellow runners nearby to offer support and encouragement.

Learn: You’re introduced to experienced runners who can offer advice on running, how to avoid injury, how to develop, good routes, races and much more. Our club leader provides great workout programs and helpful input regarding training.

Immerse yourself: Challenge yourself to keep up or slow down and take the opportunity to meet some new friends.

Stay safe: One of the best ways to stay safe on the road is to implement the buddy system and, in a running club there will always be someone around to join you for a run.

Have fun: A running club offers members opportunities to socialize, so unleash your inner social butterfly at social events, weekly group runs and bar/restaurant facilities.

Group challenges: No one said a little friendly competition is all that bad. The competitive aspect of club running will push you to go further and to be stronger.

Yes, you’re a runner: Call yourself a ‘runner’when you get your official membership and kit. We also offer licenses to runners who want to participate in competitive races such as ultra-marathons.

Stop sitting on the side lines and join our running club already!

Running clubs in your area: An important aspect of being a club member is to ensure the club suits your running objectives, such as track-based running, road-running and competitive or social running. If you enjoy our club culture but don’t get all you need from the main club, before you seek-out a different club, you can always open a local chapter of the club which may be closer to where you live or work and focuses on a particular format! Learn how in the FAQ section.

Do some research: Visit our website and social media pages to get a feel for our members and our club. Read our constitution and understand our mission and objectives as a club.

Make contact: Get in touch with our club leader or a member. Learn more about what membership in our club means and we could invite you to a nearby event to give you a greater sense of the club.

Just start: There’s no time like the present. Stop making excuses or putting it off. Begin your new life as a member of Bophelo’s Country Crossers and don’t let the nerves of not being fast-, fit- or thin enough hold you back.

Kit: One of the main objectives of our club is to make access easy and affordable, we therefore aren’t very strict on kits. We however, provide safety bibs that keep you visible during early morning and evening runs. During competitions, we encourage members to wear team colours or something close. A good pair of running shoes will give you a better running experience. You can even talk to the club leader about the right fit for your body, joys of having a kineticist as the club leader!

Membership options: Our membership options are renewed annually. Members sign up on the website by filling in the registration form.
Basic Access is free and affords members access to all facilities and events of the club. A member can upgrade at any time to the Premium package, the package however, is not pro-rated. Premium Access is for competitive runners who participate in ultra-marathons and other competitive races and require licenses. Premium members also receive discounts to paid events and club kits and equipment.

Park runs, day games and other events: We stage a number of park runs and events throughout the year, which allow members to socialize and participate in fun, family-friendly competitive races.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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