Amabizo Indigenous Spelling Bee


Amabizo Indigenous Languages Spelling Bee is a spelling competition created for young learners between the ages of five to fifteen. The objective of the competition is to encourage learners to learn more about their indigenous languages and find value in understanding the meaning and contextualization of common and rare indigenous words.

The competition involves a stages of the competition that lead up to the day when finalists compete against each other for the top prize. Schools participate in the completion by initially hosting the first leg of the competition within the school body. Spelling bees are known to instil confidence and discipline among participants, which are important traits for future leaders to have.

Schools are able to register and have their learners participate in the competition. The competition is open to learners of all ages, from grade R to matric.

This year’s competition is in support of the UNESCO announcement of 2019 being the year of indigenous languages, and we believe it is of utmost importance to promote the learning, understanding and use of indigenous languages particularly in early childhood education.

More details about the competition will follow. Please sign-up on the form to add your school or nominate a school near you.