Almal Foundation was founded on the 28th of November 2016 by a group of determined young professionals with the intention of eradicating poverty, inequality and injustice; especially in rural communities of South Africa.

In southern Africa, some of the biggest developmental issues we face are hunger, unemployment, famine and violence against women. These issues have their roots in the amount of inequality, poverty and injustice brought on by decades of colonialism, under-development and corruption. As the youngest continent, in terms of youth population, it is incumbent upon us, as youth, to stand up and implement solutions to address these issues; which led to the formation of our organization.


An Afrikaans word meaning everyone. Afrikaans is a South African dialect of the Dutch language, and in our country we have a rich diversity that includes eleven official languages. The name is important to us because the journey we have undertaken requires a collective effort, and we want everyone to play a part.

Our mission is to work towards a better future by encouraging anyone and everyone to be a part of the task; as our motto states: Sisonke Sibambisene (together, working in partnership). Almost all of our programmes and initiatives are named in one of the eleven official languages of South Africa, as we believe this is important in making our diverse country’s population feel at home when working or collaborating with us.

Sisonke Sibambisene

Our logo features four multi-coloured human figures standing in a circle, touching the one next to them with each hand – and this speaks to our vision of working and building partnerships and connections that are meaningful, dependable and friendly. The work of serving humanity is a difficult journey that can be made easier through relatable human touch, and that is what we try to do.

Our flagship programmes address issues of unemployment, inequality, injustice and poverty affecting the youth particularly in rural and peri-urban communities. These programmes respond to the objectives by the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the South African national development plan (NDP Vision 2030) adopted by the South African government.

As a youth development organization, we work not only for the youth but with the youth in order to accurately represent the views and objectives of young people such as ourselves. Among our core principles is ensuring that our organization’s executive is mostly made up of young persons; we further encourage and make efforts to partner with entities and brands that are young or are represented by young professionals.

We have developed a number of programmes that seek to address the issues raised above. These areas are our apex priorities, and each programme is dedicated to one of the three issues. We are always looking to work with any organization or person who wishes to empower and support young people


Investing in young people that will help us eradicate poverty, inequality and injustice in Southern Africa.

Our core vision is to be one of the leading organizations in the world that is managed by a young team, which also pursues the empowerment of young people through our programmes and initiatives. It is said that we borrow the Earth from the future, therefore our actions should be for the benefit of those who will come after us – the youth!

We will work in unison with our stakeholders to achieve our collective goals, because we believe that we can achieve more working together, sisonke sibambisene.


  • To work together with multiple stakeholders to achieve the goal of eradicating poverty and inequality in Southern Africa and addressing injustices where they occur.
  • To build a society that understands the duty of service and volunteerism as a catalyst to a better society
  • To create opportunities in new industries for rural youth and women, ensuring their fair and dignified participation in the economy.
  • Working to provide support and relief to those affected by disasters or conditions beyond their control.
  • Inspiring newer generations to work in collaboration and to find brave new ways to innovative.